Breathtaking view of Mount Mayon

The most active and also the most famous cone shaped volcano in the Philippines is none other than the Mayon Volcano. It is also the iconic landmark of Albay, Philippines. Even if the said volcano is dangerous, thousands of people still reside near to it. It has said that climbing and going back to the volcano will take you up to four days. Clearly, your adventure in Legazpi will not be complete without seeing Mount Mayon!

The Casagwa Ruins

What causes the Casagwa church ruins is the eruption of the Mayon volcano in the year 1814. It was built in the year 1587 and was burned down by covetous Dutch and was reconstructed again in 1724. The Government is currently developing and maintaining its abundant greeneries. Now called as a Casagwa Ruins National Park, it shouldn’t be also miss when you are exploring Legazpi, Albay.

Vera Falls

Vera Falls is a spectacular and breathtaking cascade that nestled in the province of Legazpi. It is located at the foot of Mt. Malinao. It is one of the mostly suggested destinations in Legazpi because of its enchanting waters.
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